Greeting Cards, Postcards, Business Cards etc.


***NEWS***   To celebrate passing 200 ‘Likes’ on Facebook we are giving away 500 single-sided postcards with every order of at least 500 greeting cards!  Of course there have to be conditions…… 350gsm silk board, single image only, first 50 orders received from 12th November….that’s it.   You can upgrade to double sided for just £12 if you like.  Use whatever image you want…..showcase your favourite work, use as a oversize business card, use it as a front-piece for multipacks of greeting cards to show what images are in the pack…whatever you can imagine!

Click here to see some examples of greeting cards and postcards that we have printed for artists across the country.

Click here if you are after short runs with multiple images (up to 2000 in total or fewer than 250 per design)


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Our aim is to offer you a service that provides what you need rather than what is easiest for us to provide.   As such we aim to provide for all of your promotional literature printing in one place – Greeting Cards, Postcards, Exhibition Invitations, Promotional Cards, Business Cards etc.

What’s more, we will bend over backwards to provide these to you in the quantities, and with the range of images, that you want, at a price that you are happy to pay (and that leaves you a nice profit margin as well!).

Prices start at 37p for A6 greetings cards19p for A6 promotional cards and 9p for business cards.  All with multiple images and with delivery included.  Go for higher volumes and the prices just tumble!


How it works

Most commercial print presses are sheet fed.  Prints runs are usually most cost effective in multiples of 125 sheets.  Each sheet can usually contain 8 individual A6 greeting cards.  This gives a total of 1000 cards (125 sheets x 8 images) split between a maximum of 8 images.Cards sheet

The cost of this would be £370, or 37p per card.

If you go for two identical runs (so 250 identical sheets), you can have 250 of each of the 8 images for just £447, bringing the per-card cost down to just 22p.

This could be 8 of your own images or 4 of yours and 4 of a friends, or even 4 of another of our customer’s who is looking for the same deal (we keep details of customers looking to combine print runs with others so can usually match people up quite easily, although there may be a delay of a few weeks if we don’t have a suitable partner available at the time).

These are just examples, different size print runs are available depending on your exact requirements.


What else can I get?

You are not restricted to just greeting cards.  Other products such as business cards (standard size, A7, A6 or any other size you like) can be combined with greeting cards or printed on their own.  The only limit is what can fit on a single sheet.  For example, you could have 4 different greetings cards and 16 different standard sized business cards (for a total of 500 greetings cards and 2000 business cards).

Alternatively you could have 4 greeting cards, 4 A6 promotional cards and 8 business cards.  There are many options in both combinations and in actual products.  Just let us know what works for you and we’ll get you the best possible price.

In these examples the 125 sheet run provides greeting cards at 37p each, A6 promotional cards at 19p each and business cards at 9p each.  This represents the maximum cost of these products.


Standard Packages

To make it easy we’ve come up with some standard packages, but there’s no need to feel constrained by these……if you want something different, give us a call and we’ll see what we can come up with.  The main benefit of the way we work is that we can tailor a package to suit you. So don’t be shy, give a call and see what we can do you for you!


Standard Packages priced at £370 include:

Greeting Cards Pack (125): 1000 Greetings Cards (split between 8 images)

Event Pack (125): 750 A6 Greeting Cards ( 6 images), 375 A6 Business Cards (3 images), 250 Standard Business Cards (2 images)

Exhibition Pack (125): 500 A6 Greeting Cards (4 images), 500 A6 Business Cards (4 images), 250 Invitations (2 images), 500 Standard Business Cards (4 images)

Promotions Pack (125): 1500 A6 Business Cards (12 images), 1250 Business Cards (10 images)

Just Postcards Pack (250): 2500 A6 double sided Postcards (10 images)



Order two identical packs for only an additional £77!! (£447 total):

Greeting Cards Pack (250): 2000 Greetings Cards (split between 8 images)  (that’s less than 23p per card!!)

Event Pack (250): 1500 A6 Greeting Cards (split between 6 images), 750 A6 Business Cards (3 images), 500 Standard Business Cards (2 images)

Exhibition Pack (250): 1000 A6 Greeting Cards (4 images), 1000 A6 Business Cards (4 images), 500 Invitations (2 images), 1000 Standard Business Cards (4 images)

Promotions Pack (250): 3000 A6 Business Cards (12 images), 2500 Business Cards (10 images)

Just Postcards Pack (500): 5000 A6 double sided Postcards (10 images)



Just cards?

Full colour outside (front & back), blank inside, 350gsm board, including delivery to one UK mainland address.

125 of each image –     A6 – £0.37 each

250 of each image –     A6 – £0.22 each

375 of each image –     A6 – £0.17 each

500 of each image –     A6 – £0.16 each

For these prices to apply we need a full set of eight images for A6 cards.  This can be either 8 of yours, or if you do not have that many that you want to use at the moment we can combine your order with another to make up the full set.  Contact us to find out what availability we currently have.

Envelopes and cello bags available from £0.02 each.


Want smaller orders??  Let us know what you are after and we’ll combine your order with someone else who is in a compatible position to help you achieve great prices !  We have many artists waiting for compatible orders.  All combined orders are fulfilled within 4 weeks.

Occasionally we have an order that doesn’t quite fill a sheet but needs to go to print.  This allows us to offer very special rates to get the space filled.  Contact us here or call to find out what we currently have available.



Litho printing is very expensive for short runs, which is why most printers don’t supply printed proofs or samples using your images.  Some printers will supply digital proofs / samples, but these seldom give an accurate idea of the quality of the finished product, or the accuracy of the colour reproduction.


Contact us to request your samples.


Specifications for images and files can be found here.



Want something a bit different?  Whatever you are after, give us a call or drop us an email – we always aim to delight!


All prices include delivery to a single UK mainland address.  VAT is not applicable.