Giclee printing services by artists for artists

Mounting Giclee Prints


Why mount?

The majority of our customers have their giclee prints professionally mounted for sale.  This is an important step not only in the presentation of your work but also to ensure that your giclee prints are given the best possible chance of surviving in pristine condition for the long term.

In just the same way that the quality of the paper and inks makes a significant difference to the longevity of prints, so the quality of the mounting does as well.

We use Arqadia & Daler Conservation quality mountboard, Art-Bak backing board and acid-free mounting tape.  We use hinge-mounts to allow the print to breathe.  This prevents, or at least mitigates, the rippling effect you can get with art papers in humid conditions.

Mounting your giclee prints in this way and with these materials ensures that the overall quality is not compromised.  This adds value to your product as well as ensuring its longevity.

Example prices can be found here.


As standard we keep in stock 5 different boards:

Bright White – A very white board with a subtle surface texture

Avillon White (black-core) – A blue-flecked white board with a heavier, but still subtle, texture

Royal Blue Twilight – A beautiful blue-flecked board

Pale Ivory – A medium tone cream

Onyx – The blackest of blacks with a beautiful subtle sheen

If you’d like to see some samples of these boards please just ask.  As standard we are happy to supply pieces approximately 6″ x 4″ so that you get a proper impression of what they are like.

All other Arqadia boards are available to order, but as they are not our usual stock there is a slight premium.


You will need to consider exactly how you want your work to be presented.  For example, do you want a gap between the image and the mount or do you want the mount to slightly overlap the image?  Do you want your work mounted to fit a standard frame size, or do you want it mounted to the optimum benefit of the image?

These are issues that you will need to consider carefully.  We are very happy to chat through the alternatives with you.  We can also supply digital mock-ups to illustrate the practical effect of the different options.

Finishing off

In addition to mounting your giclee prints we are happy to prepare them so that all you need to do is sign them and seal the bag.  This would normally include fixing your business label to the back and adding a Limited Edition Certificate where needed.  Cellophane bags are also available.