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Giclee Prints & Greeting Card Prices


Greeting Cards

There are many permutations for the costs of greeting cards.  Our system is very flexible which means we can tailor your print run to your exact requirements, mixing card sizes, cards per design and number of designs according to what you need.  We have printed runs with 5 designs and with 70 designs, with the same number of cards per design and with different volumes for every card, with a single size and with 5 different sizes.  Our aim is to make sure you do not have to compromise.

Points to note:

Cards must be ordered in multiples of 6 per design.  

Cello bags can be supplied at 6p each or 10p each for biodegradeable bags in multiples of 250 per size.

Envelopes can be supplied at 7p each.

Prices given are for the total print run, so 10 designs with 60 of each would be 600 total.


Scanning / photographing your work and preparation of files for printing is charged at a standard rate of £35 per hour, with a minimum charge of £35.  We would usually expect to process 4 pieces per hour but this may vary.  We are happy to quote a fixed price upfront to avoid nasty surprises.  If you are also getting prints from us at the same time then this rate will usually be discounted.

Work required on your existing files in preparation for printing is charged at the same standard rate.

Giclee Prints

We have standard set prices for giclee printing which are the same for each of the three standard papers that we stock (see Giclee Papers for details of these papers).  Volume discounts are available for runs of at least 20.  Contact us for details.

Mounted & bagged prices (in brackets) are given for standard print and frame sizes and using our standard stock mountboard (click here for details).  Contact us for prices for anything else.

A6 – £3.50  (£8.00 mounted & bagged to frame size of 8″ x 6″)

A5 – £4.50  (£9.50 mounted & bagged to frame size of 10″ x 8″)

A4 – £6.00  (£13.00 mounted & bagged to frame size of 400mm x 300mm)

A3 – £9.00  (£19.00 mounted & bagged to frame size of 500mm x 400mm)

A3+ – £10.00  (£20.00 mounted & bagged to frame size of 500mm x 400mm)

A2 – £18.00  (£36.00 mounted & bagged to frame size of 700mm x 500mm)

Contact us for prices for work that is significantly different to these sizes.

**Volume Discounts**

We offer discounts on mounted prints where the total volume being ordered is at least 20 and you require at least 10 copies of each image.  The sliding scale of discounts is:

20 prints in total – 12.5%

50 prints in total – 20%

100 prints in total – 30%

200 prints in total – 40%


Post & packing will be charged at cost (other than for greeting cards where it is included in the quoted price).  Contact us for a firm quote.  If you live within 30 miles of our studio we are happy to deliver personally, call us for a quote.


Cleared payment is required before goods are despatched.  Payment can be by cheque or direct credit transfer (contact me for bank details).

Credit terms are not available at this time.

VAT does not apply.