The Business of Art

  These are a few of my thoughts based on my own experience of trying to sell my art. It also draws on my experience of talking to many artists at many different events in my capacity as Chairman of Peak District Artisans.  I hope you enjoy reading and perhaps find something useful in there.

The Art Ladder – Where do you sit?

Many different criteria come in to play when an artist tries to sell their work direct to the public, or indeed through galleries.

Many decisions need to be made, none more vexing than at what price to offer the work.

You also need to decide how to present your work for sale, whether as originals only, framed or unframed, or as prints in small or large editions, mounted, framed or just bagged.

But first of all you need to understand, and perhaps accept, where your work fits in the market.  In my experience this can be one of the most difficult issues to crack.  We all love our own artwork and we all have our own self-image of how we and our work fit into the world of art.  Sometimes, or perhaps quite often, that view is not necessarily absolutely in tune with reality.

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