Artwork & Technical Specifications


Below are the various technical details that you need to be aware of if you are supplying your own files.  If you are unsure about any of this detail please just call or email and we will help however we can.

Supplying your own files

We are of course very happy to print directly from your own files.  Please do be aware though that where we do not have sight of the original work, we cannot guarantee that the prints will be as close a match as you may be hoping for.  We can guarantee that the prints we produce will be an excellent match to the file, but that is not always the same thing.

We are happy to supply A4 proofs at £6 each.


File Specification

We print in RGB so please supply your files in this colourspace, either aRGB or sRGB is fine.

We are happy with most file types but it is usually most efficient to send jpeg files.  If they are saved at the highest quality they will not suffer.  We are equally happy to accept tif, pdf, bmp or any other standard graphic file type.


File Size

Please size the image to the size you want it printed.  We prefer to print images at 300ppi, so if you have an image that you want printed at 10″ x 16″ then you should size it to 3000px x 4800px.


Layout & Presentation

You need to decide how you expect to present the work.  For example, do you intend for it to be mounted?  If so, do you want the mount to overlap the image, or do you want a gap between the mount and the image?  Do you want a larger gap at the bottom to give room for a handwritten title and edition numbers?

When you know how you want the work presented you can work out your sizing, bearing in mind that we print primarily on ‘A’ sized papers.


Sending us files

Our upload page is here



If you are close enough to us you are welcome to collect by arrangement, otherwise we will post your prints out to you using either Royal Mail or UPS for larger orders.  This is charged at cost.  We have developed very secure and safe packaging that ensures your prints reach you in pristine condition.



We accept payment by cheque or by BACS (internet banking).  Detail will be provided on your invoice.  Payment is required prior to dispatch.