Origination for Giclee Prints


The copying of your artwork is the most critical phase in producing your giclee prints.  The only way to ensure a true reflection of your original artwork is to ensure that the copying is carried out to the highest possible standard.  An important part of this process is discussion with you to ensure we understand your expectations.

Work is either scanned or photographed to produce a digital file.  We use both high-resolution Epson scanners and a 21mp professional full-frame camera, depending on the size and media involved.  Both methods are fully colour-managed to ensure faithful reproduction of the original.  Lighting is always carefully controlled to ensure that any textures in your work are also visible in the giclee prints.  Typically we will end up with a 60mp image file.  This is plenty large enough to produce high quality giclee prints at up to A2.

Unglazed work is preferred, but we are able to copy framed and glazed artwork if required.

We are also happy to work from your existing files.  Additional work required to ‘tidy up’ the files  (such as removing marks and making adjustments to correct poor scanning) is charged at our usual rate of £35 per hour.

Ultimately any giclee prints can only be as good as the origination.  It is worth taking the time to get this stage right as errors introduced at this point can rarely be adequately covered up at the printing stage.  If you have any questions or concerns about your existing files feel free to call for a chat.  We are very happy to have a look at your files and give an opinion on their quality.  We will let you know whether we would be happy printing from them and to what size.

Whatever your query, feel free to contact us.  We are always happy to chat through your requirements or concerns with no obligation whatsoever.