Our Services


We aim to provide a one-stop shop.  To this end we offer the following services which you are free to pick and choose from as your needs dictate.


This is simply copying your original artwork into a digital format ready for reproduction as prints and / or cards.  We make use of our specialised studio to ensure that both colour and detail are captured with the greatest accuracy so that you get reproductions that are as faithful to the original as possible.  We understand how important this is to you and will make sure that you are not disappointed.


This is the material that the cards are printed on.  We have a vast range available to us, from high gloss to the flattest matt, from utterly smooth to gorgeous textures.  We can provide samples and give advice on the best board for your work.  On receipt of an order we always provide hard copy proofs printed in the exact same way, on the exact same board, as the final product.  This way you can be absolutely confident that the finished product will be what you are after.


We have a wealth of experience in designing and laying out the reverse of cards.  Some artists already know exactly what they want, and that of course is fine.  Others want some ideas and advice, which we are more than happy to provide.


If you intend to sell cards to the trade then sooner or later a customer is likely to require barcodes for their sales system.  We can advise of the best way to get barcodes and can guide you through the process.  We also have the capability to generate the actual barcodes themselves for putting on the backs of the cards.

See more about barcodes here. 

Envelopes & Cello bags

We have accounts with a number of trade suppliers and can provide envelopes in almost any shape, size, texture or colour at very competitive prices.  We can also provide high quality self-seal cello bags at the right size to perfectly fit your cards & envelopes.


If you are ordering a large quantity of cards you may want to have them packed into cello bags for you, it’s certainly a very time consuming task to do it yourself!  We have arrangements with a larger commercial packaging firm who can pack cards in whatever way is required, whether that be singles, multiples or mixtures.  The cost can be surprisingly low.


We have a wealth of experience that we are more than happy to share with you.  Whatever it is that you are thinking about, whatever it is that you would like to achieve, give us a call and we will do our best to set you on the right track.