Greeting Cards, Postcards, Business Cards etc.

Click here to see some examples of greeting cards and postcards that we have printed for artists across the country.

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Our aim is to offer you a service that gives you what you need rather than what is easiest for us.   As such we offer scanning of originals, design & layout of artwork, printing of cards, supply of cello bags and envelopes, packing of cards into those bags and even a fulfillment service if required.  You are of course free to choose all or any of these services according to your requirements.

What’s more, we will bend over backwards to provide cards to you in the quantities, and with the range of images, that you want, at a price that you are happy with (and that leaves you a nice profit margin as well!).

What we offer

All of our greeting cards are now produced digitally.  The quality of modern digital presses are at least equal to more traditional litho printing, but for shorter runs (up to about 500 cards per design) they are significantly cheaper.  The most significant advantage of digital printing is the ability to mix both designs and volumes within a single print run.  For example, we often print at least 20 different designs and have printed up to 70 with volumes per design varying within the run from 100 to 1500.  This enables you to match demand very accurately, reducing the risk of being left with piles of unsold stock.The full range of our services can be seen here.  Put simply we offer everything from simple supply of cards to full-on production management.  Give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

Sample Pack

The first step is usually to see some samples of work that we produce.  We have a standard sample pack that includes examples of actual cards that we have printed to enable you to evaluate the quality for yourself.  If you decide to go ahead we are then able to produce hard-copy proofs for you before you commit to a full run to make sure you are completely happy with both the chosen board and the image reproduction.  In fact, for your first run at least we insist you see hard-copy proofs first.

Contact us to request your samples.

Specifications for images and files can be found here.

Want something a bit different?  Whatever you are after, give us a call or drop us an email – we always aim to delight!

All prices include delivery to a single UK mainland address.  VAT is not applicable.